Woosh! Old server crashed and burned!

I’ve been copying its hard drive from my first server-laptop in 2005 until present day, so that’s pretty much the longest-lived server install I ever made (though it changed hardware many times). And also the first one. Hey, my first server lasted over a decade!

Anyhow, I’ve grown tired of managing its technical debt, Wordpress and other stuff so let’s start afresh with something new. New everything, from blog engine, content, editorial line, web host to pretty much everything. Except the domain name.

New concept: my job makes me think a lot about software development and related fields, so let’s start as an exercise to myself to formalize those ideas. Writing is acknowledging, and acknowledging is moving forward, isn’t it? Also, I’ll keep introducing new projects I make whenever they make sense or are just fun.

Happy reading!

Please note: if you’re somehow looking for the old content, you can have a try at archive.org